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BEESWAX with Propolis, Balsam Oil, Aloe


A special waxing cream beneficial for skin regeneration. Contains Balsam oil, Calendula oil, Aloe and Propolis.
Propolis has antioxidant and regenerative effects on cells. It can help locally against infections while being recommended and preferred against violet wounds. 80% of propolis is resin and wax (50-30%), while 20% is inextricably linked to the flora and season when bees collect their pollen (different essential oils from different flowers).

Aloe helps heal burns (it is very good against blisters) cut wounds, Increases collagen production, cleanses the skin, assists in the development of new cells, and improves the blood supply and function of skin tissues. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and bactericidal activity.

Balsam oil can also be used on an open wound, and it has the fastest action on skin regeneration from burns.

This wax can be used fearlessly in baby bumps, without any side effects.

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