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Honey spread with a highly sophisticated taste and aftertaste that lasts for long! Contains paste of excellent Greek pistachio from AEGINA. The best choice for your cake topping, croissant, yogurt or cereal! Suitable for vegetarians and fasting too. Absolutely natural product, it does not contain palm oil, sugar, gluten, lactose, pigments or aromas.

the text that accompanied the GREAT TASTE 2020 award:

“Very dark color and thick texture.  Malty notes are followed by the pistachio and finally the cocoa. There then follows a bitter sweet aftertaste that gives this product balance.  A higher pistachio content would be welcome.
Gloriously thick and gooey, this honey based spread has a deep pistachio flavor and long lasting finish. The flavor of the roasted pistachios is really pronounced and is supported by mild cacao richness. The honey is quite sweet but isn’t too cloying and enhances the flavor of the nuts.

Although delicious as a nut and honey spread, the amount of cacao really needs to be increased to give this the chocolate hit one expects from the color”.


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Καθαρό Βάρος 275 gr