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One spring morning, a little girl with curls and a floral dress was running laughing, among the oranges that had just bloomed. Perfumes everywhere, vivid colors and buzzing insects.

  In front of her is a small meadow. Happy jumped here and there. She knelt down and started rolling on the fresh grass. She was picking flowers all around until suddenly a small swirl that performed spectacular acrobatics, appeared from above her and landed on her nose: She was wearing a yellow striped suit, big funny glasses and a weird hat with a thousand knobs. Before the little girl could say “oups”, the little bug said to her hilarious: “You can’t imagine how many tricks I know how to get the pollen you have in your hands! Do you want to become friends?” The girl blinked, smiling awkwardly, holding her breath and watching the bee …speechless. “Aren’t you a bee?” she asked finally.

Then she began to flutter again until her legs, loaded with two colored pollen balls, rested on the floral dress and began to explore her. “Yupiiii !!! Yes of course I am a bee! A small spring bee. And you are a flower, are you? ” she asked her. “‘Not at all. Do I look like a flower? », The little one answered. “Yes, your dress looked like a plain of flowering sorrel, daffodils and daisies. And your hair, similar to flowering almond twigs. And this pollen on your fingers drove me crazy. It seems I was stunned by the aroma of the orange blossoms. Oh that spring, its going to make me crazy !!!! “

“Perhaps you become crazy from honey’s aroma, that my grandmother poured in morning donuts?” asked the little one. “Honey puffs with honey??!!!! Ah ah I stop being hard-hearted and I’m hungry! ” the bee replied.

But look, look! What’s going on up there? A crazy dance: a big bee is doing pirouettes in the air. And around her strong drones accompany her singing !!!! ” said the girl.

“Ah! this is the young queen of my hive. She is not beautiful ? In the morning her cleaners came out and caught up with our news: She is making her wedding flight and then she will return wise and happy forever in her hive. For four years it will fill it with small eggs and its workers, like me, will collect pollen and nectar. We will make honey so that the nannies can feed the little nymphs “.

“And you, my little bee, will be with her for four whole years?” asked the little girl.

The bee looked her deep in the eyes again. She sighed, took a deep breath and responded: “Bees are socially and creatively devoted creatures to our family. We live and exist for our queen, to continue the life of our home. We work non-stop, tirelessly. We do not hesitate to go out in the rain and cold to bring food to our house. We did not stop flapping our wings to warm or cool the hive. We clean, take care and are the best guards at its entrance when enemies small and large attack us. Although we live in a dark house, we love the sun and orient ourselves thanks to it. A sunny day like today is a source of life and joy. And we do not expect anything, not even the hungry swallows that arrive in the spring “.

“I eat your honey every day and my grandmother has found a new recipe for a green salad that she decorates with your pollen. Grandpa eats something every morning… See how he says it, how he says it ??? Oh yes, he says royal jelly to be the strongest grandfather in kindergarten. And you σου your twin sister came to school one day and, on the nose, you bit Mrs. Eftychia, the kindergarten teacher, who was eating a pastel with honey. Asta became like an eggplant and jumped in the yard screaming “(laughs).

“Bee, so long as we talk, one thing is running through my mind: Do you both want us to be committed friends?”

“Ame!… .. but, let πω tell you…. to know ….”

“Please tell me, how will you become my bee, my precious bee?”

“How can I tell you? I want to become! To be in your heart, yours, your favorite bee. but yes, I can not fool you – bees and flowers never lie you know -. however, a spring bee lives very little…. And I do not know how I can become your bee for you. The last thing a flower wants is to lie to an insect. A while ago a sage / thyme shouted at me, “I look perfect, I smell nice, but I’m not ready yet, come on later, Miss Melissa. “And I can not fool a little girl who eats my honey to be strong.”

The little girl shook her hair carelessly and the bee whispered in her ear: “I am your bee, and after me, every bee will be yours. In order to continue to exist, you and your friends must take care of the meadows and forests we grow. Tell those around you not to spray trees and vegetables with poison. And your grandmother and her friends to plant beautiful flowers in their garden,so I can come, with all my friends, to have a party and play hide and seek in the lilies and the lavender. And we will prepare the sweetest and most fragrant honey for you to grow up and become a really strong and very beautiful girl “.

The girl spread her little fingers and touched her bee carefully: “I promise to take care of you and protect you with all the strength of my heart. And to say everywhere I am, to all the people of the earth, how precious you are for us, for all humans and the whole nature.
And please be sure that you will always BEE, ONLY ONE, PRECIOUS BEE! “



Our love for the nature, for an original way of lifestyle and for natural products, led us to the picturesque village of Ancient Epidaurus. With patience and persistence, with inspiration and vision for the precious products of the beehive, THE HONEY, we create a small apiculture farm in Ancient Epidaurus, the Melissafarm.

The earth of Epidaurus, rich in flora, offer us the row material: citrus fruits, wild lavenders, thyme, savory, sage, pines, carob trees.

In this rich earth of Peloponnesus, we produce our honeys : Orange blossom (Great taste Awards 2020), Wild flowers, Thyme Honey (GOLD INTERNATIONAL AWARD MTA 2021), Pine, Heather (SILVER INTERNATIONAL AWARD MTA 2021), Chestnut, Fir, Carob (Great taste Awards 2020), polyflora Pollen and Royal jelly. In additional, we have create honey spreads with chestnut butter, almond butter, sesame butter, peanut butter and pistachio butter and cocoa (Great taste Awards 2020) and Crème de miel. All these products are highly nutricious value with no preservatives, no additives and perfumes.

 In parallel, we cultivate aromatic herbs (such as oregano, rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme etc.) and we create botanical herbal teas.

Finally we have a small olive grove and we create higly quality olive oil natural soaps.

Our vision is to create pure natural products from the bees world