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  • Its oil is rich in phenolic ingredients: phenolic acids and flavonoids. Fights free radicals that cause inflammation, aging, carcinogenesis.
  • It can activate the sympathetic nervous system, improving the quality of memory, the ability to concentrate
  • Enhances hair growth, enhances blood circulation to the scalp, combating hair loss
  • Recent studies have found that it can lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels and help control weight.
  • It is expectorant and helps with coughing, bronchitis and flu.
  • It has antimicrobial and bactericidal action.
  • Raises mood and is useful in cases of depression.
  • Rosemary tea is suitable for lethargy, headache, cold, fatigue, exhaustion.
  • Recommended for stomach cramps and bloating, opens the appetite and causes secretion of gastric fluid.
  • Fights diarrhea

Do not take during pregnancy

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It is an herb-treasure of Greek nature! The ancient Greeks considered it a gift of Aphrodite. Its Latin name Rosmarinous means sea rose.
Rosemary is warming, stimulates blood circulation and improves concentration and memory. Helps with fatigue and weakness.