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IDEAL CLEANER FOR ACNE AND FATTY SKINS. This soap gives DEEP CLEANING, with velvety foam! Removes  sebum without drying the skin. Activated charcoal is a 100% natural product, very effective in blocking toxins, poisons, heavy metals and dragging them along.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Cannabis Oil, Almond Οil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, RSPO Palm Oil, Chamomile, Τea Tree essential oil, Activated Charcoal, Volcanic Sand,

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This soap is absolutely handmade, only from natural and organic ingredients. It has been got matured at least 45 days (cold process), therefore the glycerin contained in, is completely Natural and quite beneficial for our skin. We use glycerin produced from vegetable oils only, such as Olive oil, Castor oil, Almond oil, Apricot oil etc. But we have mention that commercial soaps use chemical glycerin derived from synthetic chemicals and claim to do the same job as natural glycerin! Net Weight approx. 100 gr

Καθαρό βάρος περίπου 100 gr