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Carob honey is a great product both in terms of taste and nutritional value. With a strong aroma, caramel flavor, cocoa aftertaste, it can perfectly accompany your breakfast. It can be combined with a nice goat cheese or a cream cheese that will take off its taste. It is collected in November from Epidavros region

the text of the Great Taste Award 2020: Strong aroma of treacle or burnt caramel. Thick syrupy texture yields to a slightly granular mouthfeel but not unpleasant, followed by a complex bitter taste with good depth of flavour. This honey is exceptionally rich and decadent from the first spoonful. Uniquely flavoured, floral but at the same time with strong notes chocolate and caramel, and just a touch of bright acidity to cut through the sweetness. Very dark, with treacle like consistency, this is a honey with dessert-like qualities and is delicious


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