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We, people of Melissafarm, always try to find different ways so our products benefit the environment as a tradeoff to what nature generously offers us. At the same time, we try to achieve everything we produce to obey to the following values:

  • No environmental pollution is caused by their consumption
  • Influence positively the education of kids and adolescents, cultivating a consumptive conscience of ecological awareness and personal responsibility
  • Contribute to a new understanding of the situation, where respect is developed, contrasting the exhaustion of natural resources that nature offers us for our survival and well-being

The idea that we developed was innovative. We designed ten herbal blends, with such a way, that when the container is emptied, there is no need to throw them away, but they can transform to flowerpots for apicultural plants, offering precious nutrition sources for thousands of bees! (www.savethebees.gr/)

We have inserted the herbs in biodegradable teabags, and these in a recycled Kraft container. On top of the packaging we attached a wrap that contains seeds of apicultural plants, such as Levander, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme and many more. Special instructions accompany the seeds, that explain how to correctly plant them. When the container is finally empty, we insert soil and the provided seeds in it. With some care, the seeds will sprout and then you can be transplanted in a bigger pot, at the garden, the terrace, the balcony, but also in the countryside, contributing precious nutrition sources for bee populations that suffer due to the use of pesticides on farms.


Moreover, we suggest to all of you that have recently become parents, to encourage you children to take care of the recently planted seeds, that will soon become the new apicultural plants, and will feed many generations of bees. Give your children a chance to learn special eco-agricultural lessons, participating in the procedure while being responsible towards the environment.

Even though Melissafarm’s bees may not ever reach your plant, the contribution of your plant in terms of the nutrition of bees is vital for all the bees wherever in the whole world they are, and that is a double win for all of us! (As in the same way, all of as loose, by the destruction of the environment).

We hope that or attempt will find people willing to help and contribute, so even more products will be developed not aiming not for the personal of the producer, burdening natural resources, but a new economical activity that allows nature to be positively impacted. With respect to the nature’s need for balance…

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Herball Tea Blends. Net Weight 40 gr