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OAK HONEY from ILIA region -Peloponnese. Harvest 2021.

from award’s text:

Magically dark thick honey. There are initial bursts of acidity followed by rich butterscotch and lightly caramelised sugar and a touch of woodiness. An interesting honey that has character and balance.

Gorgeous dark colour and a viscosity that held on the spoon well. Buttery notes on the nose. There was a subtle oakiness that lasted well on the palate. Beautifully creamy in the mouth and not too sweet. Moreish with a variety of perceived uses. Gloriously rounded.

A truly striking oak honey, dense, dark and brooding – yet with a surprising lift of acidity on the palate. The initial, light muskiness gives little clue to the depth and nuance of flavour here: almost a dive through different layers or types of wood, yet with a deep, mineral, malt syrup consistency and taste at base. The lift is unexpected, remarkable, the finish strikingly uncloying despite the deep viscosity, woodiness and sweetness. Yes, a light whiff of something smokey on the finish. Remarkable.


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