It has the aroma of citrus fruits and great sweetness – which makes it very popular with children.

It has high nutritional value and many health benefits.
Orange nectar has many antioxidants found in citrus fruits. It contains minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium and copper, as well as enzymes that help the body function properly. It contains powerful antioxidants belonging to the flavonoids of the polyphenols class (quercetin, esperidine, catechin, campfolol and narinenine etc.).

Studies in this honey have shown that its antioxidants in the form of flavonoids provide protection against oxidative damage to the DNA molecules of the cells, giving it anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. It also has beneficial effects on blood circulation and cardiac function. It has antibacterial activity, helping the immune system fight off pathogenic microorganisms.
It is recommended that you consume honey with orange blossoms. in cases of high pressure

It is a very healthy and nutritious food. Enjoy it at your breakfast with butter or tahini, put it on healthy sweets such as homemade bars but also in herbal teas or even in your coffee.