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Vanilla Fir Honey – Harvest 2023, from Parnonas Slopes

A world-renowned product, an exceptional and rare honey of limited production.

It has a unique thick, very complex in flavor, slightly sweet (due to low natural sugars), with a long-lasting honeycomb aftertaste. Its appearance has golden highlights and iridescence, while in the mouth has a layered, rich flavor with caramel notes.

It is produced from the resin on the trunk of the black fir on the high peaks of the Greek mountains. Specifically from the honeycomb of the insect Physokermes Hemicryphus on the knots of Cephalonia’s fir branches
This  honeycomb looks like wet drops or solid white-vanilla-mass and this justifies its name.

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This honey is available in limited quantities, in numbered packages, and only in the year that it happens to be produced.