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ATHINORAMA magazine: Natural single-variety honeys of family production


Wednesday, January 27, 2021 by Dina Groumouti

Beekeeping is pure love! You can understand it from the way Katerina Kryoni talks about her beehives and their precious product, honey.

They settled in the village of Ancient Epidaurus 20 years ago, leaving Athens for a more authentic, close to nature way of living . And then came the bees … and Melissafarm!

The beekeeper Katerina Kryoni together with Manos Kounalis created with vision and patience a family beekeeping unit in the land of Ancient Epidaurus rich in flowers, aromatic plants and trees, an ideal place for beekeeping. Citrus, wild lavender, thyme, thyme, sage, pine and locusts give the honey of the area, but they do not stop there.

Practicing a nomadic beekeeping, they transfer their bees depending on the season to other areas of the Peloponnese, in order to harvest different species from the wonderful biodiversity of the place. Their work has become a way of life, they love it and the result can be seen in their pure, natural and full of aroma and taste, their single-variety honeys, but also in the way they told us about them, as well as about their derivatives: a series of spreads with honey based, in combination with other excellent ingredients.

Many of their products have recently been starred in the Great Taste Awards and are already being exported. Their honeys range includes honey of THYME, PINE, FLOWERS, FOREST, ORANGE, HEATHER, OAK, CAROB, FIR, SPRUCE “VANILLA”, ARBUTUS, HONEY WITH HONEYCOMB and some more, in small and large packages but also in beautiful gift sets. Of course they have propolis and pollen and royal jelly, but also a range of natural beauty products based on all this.

Honey speads are extremely healthy products of high nutritional value, without preservatives or additives. They are made on the basis of pure honey, cocoa and nut butter (pastes) such as: almond, pistachio, hazelnut, peanuts, whole wheat tahini, and also a natural creme de miel

At the same time, they have taken advantage of the herbs and aromatic plants of the area creating unique TEA BLENDS (infusions) in innovative or classic packaging, which we have already mentioned.