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the text that accompanied the award:

This MELISSAFARM ORANGE HONEY, has a very pale colour and, as described, a very crystallised appearnce. The mouth feel is similar to that of Scottish tablet that quickly melts. The initial flavour was simply sweet, followed by mild citrus notes, a classic example of an orange blossom honey.

Exceptionally solid for a honey, this example of an orange blossom honey is very different indeed. Intensely aromatic, with pure summer orange blossom fragrance, it has an immediate sunny brightness. Despite being heavily crystalised and granular on the palate, the clean clear flavours of orange and tongue tingling clove are a delight. This honey is sweet but only just, and the pure botanical flavours last for a long time. Quite delicious but the texture is hard to get past, a more fluid, soft version of this would be exceptional.